Monday, September 24, 2007

Anyone Still Read This?

Or still like ds dev?
because i'm thinking of reviving this blog
just maybe....
We're listening!
I only just found your site, but I'm interested in developing homebrew DS games on OS X, so I hope you start blogging again.

Welcome back!
the audience IS listening...some of them just found the site, though :p
Cant wait to for some new posts.
Yes, please keep going!
I am listening as well .. new plans?
I just got a DS.. and am a Mac user.. so please continue/expand your blog..
just got a ds and would like to develop homebrew for it. please restart the blog
we're still watching, pancho.
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Your works very Nice!!!!
you are ... come back.(T-T)
Hi Im really thinking about using my DS as a custom VJ controller,.. if you can give me any info on how to set this up easily using my mac- it would be great!!


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